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Lavaux as you do not know it yet!
Lavaux-Panoramics train

Welcome to the site of the Lavaux Panoramic train,

Discover, alone or with friends, the picturesque paths of the terraced vineyards of Lavaux. 
A dream journey in a grandiose setting, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On its slopes, clings the prestigious Lavaux vineyard in terraces with unique construction that were fashioned by the hand of men over the centuries.

The upcoming events of the Lavaux-Panoramic train

We're only waiting for you!

The circuits offered by the Lavaux-Panoramic train

A dream ride in a grandiose setting awaits you through two different circuits. On its slopes, clings the prestigious Lavaux vineyard in terraces with unique construction that were fashioned by the hand of men over the centuries.


St-Saphorin's tour

The Tour of Saint-Saphorin

Saturday, visit the village and the church with a volunteer village guide. The Saint-Saphorin Appellation offers you a welcome drink!

Chardonne's tour

The Tour of Chardonne

Included in the program is a visit to a Chardonne winegrower where the winemaker will offer a welcome drink!
Circuit de St-Saphorin

The Tour of Vinorama

Stop at the Vinorama and drink a glass of wine while enjoying the video clip
“One year in the vineyard”.

Le circuit de Chardonne

The Big Tour

Discover the heart of Lavaux and enjoy a glass of wine in one of Chardonne’s winery on Wednesdays and Sundays. On Fridays, the glass of wine will be served in the vineyards
(Attention : no hop-on hop-off).

Themed and private tours

reservation required

For your outings of all kinds (family, wedding, business, company, contemporary, school trips, associations and others) for up to 35 or even 70 people, we offer you our trips from Chexbres or other places to be agreed on.

For example:
Le tour de Saint-Saphorin, environ 1h00
Le tour de Chardonne, environ 1h30
Le petit tour du Moulinet, environ 0h30
Autres trajets sur demande

Alpine farm train

Petit tour dans les vignes puis déplacement au Mont-Chesau (train et menu inclus)

Départ à 17:15
Prix: Adultes : CHF 38.- / Enfants (8- 15 ans) : CHF 19.-
Dates : 08.05, 19.06, 24.07, 14.08, 04.09, 09.10 2021

Le train de l’Afterwork

Tour dans le vignoble avec la visite de deux caves et dégustation de 3 vins par lieu

Départ à 18:30
Prix : CHF 39.-
Dates : 13.05, 10.06, 15.07, 12.08, 16.09, 28.10 2021

Farm train

Spécialement créé pour vos bambins !

Pendant les vacances scolaires, pour tous les parents, parrains/marraines, grand-parents, etc., venez vivre avec vos bambins, une expérience inoubliable. Au programme, déplacement en train, visite de la ferme et de ses animaux suivit d’un petit repas.

Départ à 10:00 (retour à environ 13:30)
Prix : 15 ans et plus CHF 39.- / 7 à 14 ans CHF 29.- / 4 à 6 ans CHF 17.- / 0 à 3 ans Gratis
Date : 20.07, 22.07, 27.07, 29.07, 03.08, 05.08, 10.08, 12.08, 17.08, 19.08 2021

Le train de la Brisolée

Balade dans le vignoble en petit train, menu et vin nouveau inclus

Départ à 17:15
Prix : CHF 49.-
Date : 06.11.2021

The season is over, we will be back in early April 2022

Book a train for a private tour from CHF 330.-

We wish you a pleasant autumn

For registration and information call 021 946 23 50